Let gamers test your app

Let gamers test your app

The Overwolf Alphas are a community of passionate gamers handpicked for their ability to review apps and provide honest meaningful feedback. The Alphas are here to help you save time and shape better apps for gamers!

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How it works

Improve your app by getting users insight

By letting actual gamers test your app, you are receiving real feedback and priceless insight. You can also come back and request for another task with the Alphas if you have any new feature(s) you’d like to review :)

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Fill out a short form to request
    an Alpha task

  • Saves Time

    Saves Time

    Get honest feedback & track
    issues in just a few days

  • Live Discussion

    Live Discussion

    Join the Alpha Discord and communicate with the testers

Let’s Chat!

Let’s Chat!

If you’re interested in requesting an Alpha task for your app, or have any additional questions about this program, feel free to reach out!

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  • Simply reach out to your DevRel at Overwolf, they know all about the Alpha program and if they think your app's ready to be reviewed by the Alphas, they'll hand you the Alpha task request form and our team will take it from there. You can also reach out to the Alpha team directly via the 'Contact Us' section of this page, and we'll check with your DevRel for you :)

  • The Alphas are a growing community of passionate gamers, they're handpicked for their attention to details and ability to provide honest meaningful feedback. The Alpha community is managed by Overwolf on a private Discord server, where all Alpha tasks are posted and their related discussions are held.

  • The average time we give the Alphas per each task is 5-7 days, learning from experience, there's more participance during weekends and this is the ideal time for a productive task. However, based on your needs, a task can last longer or end sooner.

  • Upon handing in an Alpha task request (with your Overwolf DevRel's approval), you will be invited to join the private Alpha Discord server, and get access to the relevant channels. You're more than welcome to hold discussions regarding your app, ask and answer questions or update the Alphas with any information needed during your task. Once your Alpha task ends, your channel permissions will change a bit, but you're free to either stay or leave the Alpha Discord server. Keep in mind you might have some follow-up questions after your task is done, or you wish to request for another task later on, so you're more than welcome to stay and hang out with us.

  • We recommend asking the Alphas about their overall experience with your app, what they liked more or less, what did they find most useful and what they'd change, this will help you focus on the app features that gamers value the most. For your convenience, we have assembled a list of generic product-reviewing questions that you might find helpful, when you're given the Alpha task request form, you'll find it there.

  • All results are organized into PDFs with all Alpha nicknames and are sent to your email. If you've had many questions that ask for a number on a scale, we'll crack the numbers and hand you a report in addition to the PDF. If the Alphas add any images or videos, you'll get access to those as well of course. If you wish to get the results in a CSV file, you can ask for that too.

  • You ask for the Alpha task, fill out the form with details and questions you wish to ask, join our Discord to observe (and take part in, if you wish!) discussions during your app's task and eventually - get your results in a nicely organized PDF. That's it! This is a service we're providing at Overwolf simply because we wish to support your app, provide you with valuable feedback and help you achieve your goals, it's completely free on your end and we're rewarding the Alphas with virtual currencies.