Let gamers test your app

The Overwolf Alphas are a community of passionate gamers handpicked for their ability to review apps and provide honest meaningful feedback. The Alphas are here to help you save time and shape better apps for gamers!

How it works

Improve your app by getting users insight

By letting actual gamers test your app, you are receiving real feedback and priceless insight. You can also come back and request for another task with the Alphas if you have any new feature(s) you’d like to review :)

  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Fill out a short form to request an Alpha task

  • Saves Time

    Saves Time

    Get honest feedback & track issues in just a few days

  • Live Discussion

    Live Discussion

    Join the Alpha Discord and communicate with the testers

Developers Feedback

Great overall experience, detailed feedback, also the Alpha manager did a great job facilitating the process and helping us out when we needed to make changes to the task and assets provided! :D


Keep up the good work, it's been very useful to get feedback and bug reports from the Alphas. The feedback is always really detailed, which makes it easier for me to understand and fix the issues :)


The feedbacks are well written and extremely valuable.
I already made some quick fixes based on the interactions on Discord. Now I'll create an app improvement plan based on the feedback I received.

This service is amazing and will help me improve the app massively. Thanks a lot for that!

Dota Coach Team

Let’s Chat!

If you’re interested in requesting an Alpha task for your app, or have any additional questions about this program, feel free to reach out!

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